Verified Visa/MasterCard/Crypto online payment solutions for all types and categories of online projects (casinos, gambling, sports betting, exchangers) with a wide selection of payment instruments and payment methods.

PayFort is a Visa/MasterCard/Crypto 💳 payment processing center 🪙 for any online businesses, including gambling, betting, crypto. Our solutions are characterized by reliability 🦾 high conversion 📈 rates and easy integration.
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Payment system provider for any online business, including high risk categories.

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Cryptocurrency exchangers
Customized solution

We are ready to answer all your questions regarding the functionality of the PayFort payment system

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Flexible and resilient payment system

Payment solution for any online business is a set of efficient tools that make your business highly competitive. PayFort — offers:

➤ Expertise
We have studied the market, know what customers want, and understand the needs of entrepreneurs. We are processing experts.
➤ Security
Protecting personal data is our number one priority. That's why we have integrated our own anti-fraud system into the platform.
➤ Service
We make timely payments according to the contract, keep our agreements, and are available 24/7.
➤ Wide range of currencies
The platform supports various currencies, including CRYPTO (BTC, USDT, LTC, etc.).
➤ Card payouts
Tools for payouts to Visa/MasterCard cards for both you and your customers.
➤ Cost optimization
Minimizing traffic expenses through the integration of a complex set of technical solutions.

The innovative PayFort platform has been successfully solving a wide range of tasks for over 6 years

We already have ready-made solutions for almost any type of business. We can work with businesses such as:

Slots CityFavbetCosmolotVBETSlotokingPin UpChampionCasinoVulkanFIRST casinoFirst.uaJoker1winbet365pinnaclemostbetretivabettbetandyoumarathonbetpoker match

We work with all categories, types and verticals of online businesses

PayFort is:
  • A stable and secure payment system
  • Fast and easy integration
  • A turnkey solution for any type of business.
Cryptocurrency exchangers
Customized solution

Connect high-risk online businesses to our payment system

We integrate, customize, and test the turnkey system for you. You will see that online payments are fast, convenient, and secure.

Spend more time on your customers and business development.

➤ Online casinos gambling games from home
➤ Online card games a variety of card games from your screen
➤ Online poker rooms poker with real partners
➤ Online lotteries cash prize draws online
➤ Online slot machines luck-based games without intermediaries
➤ Online sports betting real-time betting
➤ Categorical pools betting on the outcomes of sports matches
Didn't find your business category?
We will provide a customized solution for any request you have.

Our results in numbers:

Average payment conversion rate of over 97%.
Processing speed of over 1,500 payments per second.
Average throughput of over 853,000 payments in 24 hours.

You get a complete set of tools for managing online payments.

PayFort provides a comprehensive toolkit for fast and secure payment processing in your business.

✔ Visa and MasterCard payments on your website
✔ Apple and Google Pay services
✔ Payment invoices
Automatic creation and sending of invoices to customers
✔ Cryptocurrency payments
✔ One-click payment
Automatic prefilling of payment details for repeat purchases
✔ E-wallets
✔ QR code payments
Instant online or offline payments via QR code
✔ Payment card
All customer payment information in your personal account
✔ Split payments
Distribution of payments to multiple bank accounts
✔ Payments with your payment form (h2h) or we can provide our own (redirect)
✔ Payment links
Direct payment from social networks or messengers
✔ Branded widget
Integration of a payment button on your website page
✔ P2P transactions
Settlements between individuals using card numbers or phone numbers

We are ready to answer all your questions regarding the functionality of the PayFort payment system

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With PayFort integrations, you are guaranteed to increase conversion rates by
2-3 times or more.

We integrate with many payment providers.

Payment is possible from any part of the world using payment systems such as:

mastercard mastercard mastercard mastercard mastercard mastercard mastercard mastercard mastercard
To connect to the PayFort payment system
Our manager will answer any questions and assist you in choosing the right solution for your business type. Schedule your onboarding session right now.
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PayFort payment system (platform) is the best solution for business. PayFort provides companies with a flexible tool and comprehensive turnkey solutions that promote competitiveness. Customizations allow our system to be used in different online business sectors in addition to 24/7 customer support. PayFort payment gateway ensures uninterrupted and secure transaction processing. The payment service provider actively combats fraud, so businesses can be absolutely sure that their financial transactions have the highest degree of safety and security.

It's worth noting, the payment service provider has extensive experience in a variety of areas, including the field of gambling entertainment, sports betting and crypto projects. This includes games such as poker, sweepstakes, casinos, slot machines, lotteries, blackjack, sports betting, roulette, bingo, baccarat, craps and betting services, among many others. The main focus of our PayFort payment system is to ensure security, protect against potential risks and provide fast and reliable payment processing through a specialized center. The integration of our system is seamless, and companies with specific requirements can get personalized payment solutions that are fully tailored to their needs. Using PayFort helps to empower your business, improve your competitiveness and drive your company's growth.

PayFort has become a leader in the world of online payments and a system that has gained worldwide respect and trust. The leading online payment service for merchants worldwide. We proudly stand at the helm of the payments industry and receive invitations to partner with leading merchants who are looking for the perfect partner to achieve unrivaled success. Our primary mission is to provide cutting-edge technology that enables seamless and secure online payments (seamless transactions). Whether you're a major player in the market or a startup, the PayFort team has the extensive experience needed to customize and optimize your payment processes.

We recognize that in today's world, businesses need to be flexible, agile and scalable. It is for this reason that choosing a flexible platform will allow you to easily adapt to the changing needs of different industries. Our team ensures that your business will always stay ahead of the competition, regardless of your location. PayFort provides clients with an efficient tool with maximum productivity. PayFort is a turnkey solution that drives incredible results in any industry. The platform is designed for a variety of online businesses, regardless of their type, category, or industry. It will help businesses reach new heights. Reliable customer support, available around the clock, is an integral part of the service provided and is always ready to help at any time. We guarantee the safety of your financial transactions by providing secure channels and strict technical risk control. Our state-of-the-art data center ensures high speed and reliability of online payments. Integration into our system is a hassle-free process, allowing you to easily utilize our payment methods and tools while enjoying the security of every transaction. We also show attention to your special needs and are ready to develop a customized payment solution.

PayFort advanced payment system is designed for gambling, betting, and crypto organizations. When you choose PayFort, you get robust security, intuitive user interface, regulatory compliance, easy integration and uninterrupted customer support. Become part of a global community of entrepreneurs, startups and industry leaders who are successfully implementing PayFort powerful payment tools.

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